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"We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr


Chemtrail discussion on the Richie Allen show. Having seen these non-contrail formations for many years I am very suspicious of their purpose, particularly with excellent documentaries such as the below which explore what neuro-toxic components are being sprayed into the atmosphere through these stratospheric aerosol spraying programs:


Great radio interview discussing institutionalised paedophilia in the UK and the attempts by the power structure to cover this up. Tragic, disgusting and, once you start investigating this vile cesspit of behaviour and the individuals involved, you soon start to realise that the highest levels of society are filled with exceptionally corrupt and evil people. NO conspiracy theory. NO crazy, wild-eyed paranoia in operation here. Simply, but sadly, it IS the truth.


There are no words to describe how impressive and shocking this Russian kid's agility and acrobatic skills are - just watch the video and prepare to be blown away


Shouldn't find the following videos as funny as I do, particularly when such pranks could give people a heart attack or a similar tragedy, but there's something about such 'humour' that hits the mark

And the 'exploding' head is a pretty intense visual in this clip


Regardless of which way you lean politically this video is VERY cleverly edited


Lot of haters out there ranting over the latest instalment in the Taken trilogy. Screw 'em - the film looks like it's shaping up to be a real barnburner if the trailer is anything to go by.

Question is though how would Bryan Mills fare against Robert McCall?


Hard to learn of the news of Robin Willams recent death. A lot of laughter, a lot of smiles and now just tears. Wherever you are now Robin I hope you're in a better place than where you were before. All the best mate.


What do Miley Cyrus, Leprechauns, Scooby Doo and Freddie Kreuger have in common? Why the Majer crew and their solid brand of skateboarding of course!


One of Britain's greatest acting and theatrical talents - The many faces of Michael Crawford:


Given the amount of radiation released into the surrounding environment from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in 1986 it is incredible that almost 30 years later life is absolutely teeming in the exclusion zone there. I'm having a hard time buying that the radiation isn't a problem for the animal species inside the zone but, that said, it's beautiful to see an environment looking so peaceful and serene without the presence of human beings or industry to screw everything up.


Documenting the culture of rape and sexual abuse in the US Military and the absolutely shameful lack of action/response from the Government and Military command. Yet another reason (as if any sane, intelligent person needed any more) for not signing up to serve banker sponsored invasions of sovereign countries to wage wars of economic conquest and plundering masquerading as liberation or fighting against terrorism.


Was Diana murdered or did she die accidentally? Make up your own mind after watching this pretty powerful documentary from Keith Allen.


The trials of Henry Kissinger - because being a war criminal is easy when you can hide behind Government endorsed double standards (right Blair?)


Interesting documentary about the amazing qualities of man's best friend - The secret life of Dogs.


How could I have not known about The Warriors movie site before now? One of my favourite all time movies and I'm only just learning about this?!

The Warriors

And this interview with the writer, director and cast members provides some interesting details about the background to the film and its history.


And on the subject of comic book artists I can't not mention the incredibly talented Simon Bisley whose fantastic illustrations and sketches can be viewed via his pinterest gallery. After being exposed to his work on the Slaine: Horned God series it's great to see further examples of projects he's worked on such as these amazing Biblical sketches below.


Have been a big fan of the artist Clint Langley ever since seeing his amazing work for the Slaine Book of Invasions series (the renaissance/arthurian legends feel to the below piece doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of this man's talent).

So it's no surprise to learn that he has a facebook page dedicated to showcasing his work, upcoming events/projects and latest news. If you're a fan of comic book art then you really should spend some time looking over his work, you won't be disappointed.